#loveyourblog | Beginnings

A Playful Day
I know this is late but I actually had to spend some time thinking about this prompt. Not helped by the fact that my original plan seemed to fit better with the ‘Ugly’ prompt for tomorrow! And that was focused upon my knitting. However, a look back at my blogging, where it began and how it developed seemed an appropriate fit.
I was startled to realise when I began writing this post that I actually began blogging back in 2004. I know, that surprised me too. Then I realised that I am something of a nomad when it comes to blogs. I switch fairly regularly between platforms and blog titles. So it seems appropriate to start at the start and follow the trail.
Blog #1 started back in 2004. At that point while computer-savvy I had no idea what I was doing and was dependent on a friend to help get me started. I was terrible at updating (nothing changes) but it is interesting to flick back through the posts and see what I was thinking about at the time. That blog followed me during my Masters and the beginnings of my PhD. However, the restrictions in the format  and layout began to chafe (LiveJournal just didn’t have may options). So it was at this point that I jumped over to Blogs #2 and 3. Now, this is where things are a little hazy. I can remember the third blog. The second I know existed, but I just cannot remember what the thing was even called! It was at this point (with both of these blogs) that I started writing less of a diary, and began addressing posts to a hypothetical audience. I focused on aspects of my PhD study, my travels associated with this, and various bits and pieces of general life.
From there, came Blogs #4 and 5; it had become apparent that whilst the previous blogs had focused more on the academic side of my life, the knitting was beginning to make a significant impact. And, I wanted a clean beginning to focus on this. Hence the switch. the decision to move to the immediate predecessor to this blog (Aphaia) was that whilst #4 was knitting-centric, it wasn’t knitting-design-centric. If that makes sense. It was at that point that I began to start designing patterns in earnest, and wanted an appropriate platform to begin presenting them as well. However, the archives from that site still include the post from the previous blogs as well. (During this period, there was another Blog (#7) which was a trip-specific blog and was only ever meant to be a short-term measure). The transition to this site was another step, another beginning so to speak, another move towards creating a definite identity that was associated with me and my patterns.
Looking back at the beginning, the focus of my random postings were very different in focus. Things have changed, and developed in unforeseen ways. Knitting didn’t appear in any posts until 2008 or so. If I remember rightly, much of my decision to switch platforms the first time round was that I wanted a ‘cool’ looking blog in the same vein as some of the knitting blogs I was reading. It is actually quite sad when I looked back at some the linked sites on my earlier blogs – so many are now inactive. Though the same thing could be said of my earlier blogs, they are now sitting inactive and un-updated.
The major change that I can see is in my own voice. My own focus has shifted somewhat over the years, though earlier topics are still continued in the manner in which these are presented and discussed are very different.
My… how things have changed.

#loveyourblog | Community and Interaction

A Playful Day

It seemed appropriate that A Playful Day launched the #loveyourblog challenge just at the point when I was working towards reactivating this site, especially given the first prompt.

It seems significant to me at least that a major part of my career up to now has focused upon the ideas of interaction within the archaeological / historical context. The ideas of how people interact with one another, and the transformative processes which occur to both individuals or social groups during those actions before re-entering society was a central part of my academic studies. (Admittedly my thesis focused rather closely on the role of alcohol in such processes, but the theories are still applicable to a wide range of situations!)

For the crafter, no matter their preference, there is a similar process. And the community, and our interactions with one another, whether online or in-person, has a massive impact on our development and understanding. We learn from one another, both directly and indirectly. We use patterns, follow tutorials, listen to podcasts, meet up socially, take classes, and talk on forums, in person, on Twitter, on Instagram… anywhere and everywhere really.

Our interactions with one another can, and do, impact on our own inclinations. Think about it – how often have we picked up on Twitter conversations, or a blogpost, or some other reference to a pattern, or an event, or a yarn, or something else, and followed the trail. Then shared that knowledge with others. These interactions, derived from communities of own choosing, shape the way we approach things. We’ll pick up on biases, issues and gossip. We may enter believing one thing, experience the process of learning from others, and find that these experiences have either confirmed our beliefs or changed them – however subtly.

From personal experience, I use these interactions and communities to gain knowledge, to get inspiration, to make new friends. I may not necessarily be the most active participant in a forum. I may only read the writings the others. But I can use this communal collection of ideas, knowledge and experience to advise and guide my own steps. And speaking from experience, it has.

Time will fly…

… and it is a little embarrassing. It has been so long since I last posted here, but life does have a way of creating havoc and general business which never helps! It is nearly the 1-year anniversary of this site, and it seems an appropriate time to take back control.

There are a number of changes coming soon. Starting with the re-development of the website itself. If you have visited over the past few days you may have noticed some of these changes. The entire site has been redesigned and pages completely rewritten. Pretty much all the pattern side of things is complete, but I am working on expanding the remaining sections – so keep an eye on the Teaching and Support sections. There will also be a new category appearing soon, but more on that when it is added.

Despite the blog being quiet, there have been a number of new patterns and these will be talked about in the near future.

To aid communications – I will be introducing a mailing list; again more information will be coming shortly.

So yeah, hello again!

Bad, Bad Blogger

Since I haven’t updated here for a while!

I hesistate to say normal service will be resumed, because that implies that I will not post again for months. So shall we say abnormal service which may mean posts are a little more frequent!

2013 has been and gone (admittedly for a while) so I’ll be posting my usual roundup of my 2013 crafting soon. Plus there are some other bits and pieces of news to share!

So when I say so long…

…What I apparently mean is that nothing changes. Oops.

Ah well,  fingers crossed that things will pick up now. As you can see – if you’re reading the actual blog rather than a RSS feed – it has been revamped. Did you know that redesigning the blog is an excellent substitution for actually writing anything?

But more to come, I have lots of things I need to post about. And perhaps, more importantly, want to post about.