Apparently I cannot count

I had planned a to complete a full month of blog posts for November in honour of not only NaBloPoMo but also Wovember!

However, some things have got in my way. Primarily my inability to schedule posts successfully. It is not 2015, nor is it January, February or March of 2015. When I’m scheduling posts, I really need to make sure I’m correcting the day not the month… Oops!

Rather than publish a glut of posts in one go, I’ll restart the month and act as though November started on the 3rd (so today is post #1) and continue through until December 3rd with the daily posts.


NaBloPoMo returns, which is always a good incentive for me to start blogging again!

So in terms of what is coming up over the next month, expect photoblogs, socks, event recaps, socks, new pattern launches, socks, future design projects, socks, the abomination known as moths, socks, darning (see the moths again)… And did I mention socks?

Also in shopping news, has everyone spotted the Indie Gift-a-long on Ravelry? I’ll be taking part this year, so a number of my patterns will be on sale later this month and I’ll also be contributing some pattern prizes too!

WIP Wednesday (August 6, 2014)

Oops! Being busy with other work is not conducive to keeping the blog updated, will have to try and remedy that!

I have had a fair bit of startitis recently, so there are a few new projects to mention.

On the Needles
Both Sombra and the secret project for GSoY are still on the needles and haven’t really progressed at all. Well the GSoY one is now officially over the halfway point so that is something. I’ve also loaned out the nice straight needles I was knitting Sombra on to my Mum, so will have to wait for them to restart the back.

There is a new pair of socks too, this time a pair of my own design, Orchardton. With textured stitches, cables and a wee bit of lace, I should hopefully get the second sock finished soon. I need to write up the pattern from my rather unintelligible notes for testing and release in the not-so-distant future.

However, this not the only own-design thing on the needles. There are another two to mention (told you I had startitis). Buttons will be a pair of colourwork fingerless mittens, using my favourite Jamieson & Smith Jumperweight (what else?). The first mitt is done, the charts are in draft, and like the aforementioned socks, testing and release will be happening soon.

The other new design in progress is the first in a two-parter. I am currently nearly 400 yards into a circular shawl (picture above) using Ginger’s Hand-dyed by Edinburgh’s own Gingertwist Studio. I’m using the ‘Gorblimey’ and ‘Girl on Fire’ shades, along with some undyed. I’m addicted to knitting this at the moment, but am going to run out of my undyed yarn very soon and will have to wait for the next delivery before I can continue with it. However, all is not lost as I am planning a half-circle version (using Lotus Mimi, a mink yarn!) so I’m sure I can cope.

On the Wheel
Still on the silk at the moment, I haven’t actually spun for at least a week and need to get restarted… When I find the time!

June FOs (Part 2)

Following on the March-June FO post, there are a few more finished objects from June – three to be precise.


First up is the Indie Burgh 2014 socks, specially designed by the lovely C.C.Almon for the inaugural Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl held earlier in June this year. This pair were a test knit for the top-down version of the pattern (it comes in top-down and toe-up versions), and uses The Yarn Yard Marchmont (100% Merino) in the ‘Festive’ colourway. I completed the required first sock by the test deadline and naively thought I would ge the second finished on the day of the crawl (I was partway through the heel, so just had the remainder of the heel and the foot to go). I think in reality I managed less than 20 rows (and this was on the heel, so only short rows too). They ended up getting finished the following day instead.


Next is a very simple phone cosy I whipped up for the BF. His new work phone did not have a case and was at risk of getting stretched by keys when in his pocket. So needles and yarn to the rescue. I’m going to add a freebies page to the site, so keep an eye out for that appearing soon with this basic recipe included. The cosy used some scrap DK yarn (Drops Karisma) and 4mm needles.

And finally an unnameable project which I need to keep under wraps until October for the Glasgow School of Yarn. I can tell you two things: (1) it does have a name, I just cannot share it as it would give the game away, and (2) it uses Jamieson and Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight.