June FOs (Part 2)

Following on the March-June FO post, there are a few more finished objects from June – three to be precise.


First up is the Indie Burgh 2014 socks, specially designed by the lovely C.C.Almon for the inaugural Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl held earlier in June this year. This pair were a test knit for the top-down version of the pattern (it comes in top-down and toe-up versions), and uses The Yarn Yard Marchmont (100% Merino) in the ‘Festive’ colourway. I completed the required first sock by the test deadline and naively thought I would ge the second finished on the day of the crawl (I was partway through the heel, so just had the remainder of the heel and the foot to go). I think in reality I managed less than 20 rows (and this was on the heel, so only short rows too). They ended up getting finished the following day instead.


Next is a very simple phone cosy I whipped up for the BF. His new work phone did not have a case and was at risk of getting stretched by keys when in his pocket. So needles and yarn to the rescue. I’m going to add a freebies page to the site, so keep an eye out for that appearing soon with this basic recipe included. The cosy used some scrap DK yarn (Drops Karisma) and 4mm needles.

And finally an unnameable project which I need to keep under wraps until October for the Glasgow School of Yarn. I can tell you two things: (1) it does have a name, I just cannot share it as it would give the game away, and (2) it uses Jamieson and Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight.

The Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl!

Last Saturday was the inaugural Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl, held here in Edinburgh and organised by Ginger Twist Studio in collaboration with Kathy’s Knits and Be Inspired Fibres.

Manic is probably the best way to describe it!

I was helping out, so I didn’t get to all the shops, but I did manage to pop in to Kathy’s and get yet another ball of Jamieson and Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight (I have a self-confessed J&S addiction). I also ran into a couple of the groups being led by friends from my usual Monday night knitting group, who all seemed to be having a good time and were already heavily laden with yarn – despite this being their first stop of the day!

I headed off to Ginger Twist after that, which was a very pleasant stroll in the sunshine – couldn’t have picked a better day for it weather wise! At this point, GTS was still quiet (compared to crowds later on) and I managed to get one of the very fabulous, limited edition Sheepish Sock in the Indie Burgh colourway which Jess had handdyed specially for the day. I had promised myself that if a skein of this was there I could treat myself… and I did. I also got to meet Susan Crawford who was setting up her trunk show and ended up getting a pattern for a sweater and a hat kit – called A Day at the Races¬†(which seems to be so new that the pattern isn’t in the Ravelry database yet).

From here I headed off to the Safari Lounge and grabbed a quick lunch before preparing things for the impending arrival of many, many weary and shopped out knitters and crocheters. I don’t think I really got to stop once people started arriving. We filled the back room which was reserved for us, to the point where crafters were quietly taking over the rest the pub. I think at one point there may have been another 3 – 4 tables worth of people who couldn’t fit in the back room. It was lovely meeting everyone, and all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their day. It was wonderful to see the crowd of people all happily knitting and chatting.

Although I was exhausted at the end of the day (I have no idea how Jess, Kathy and Lucy were still able to keep going after being in busy shops all day), it was well worth it. Can’t wait for the next one!


You can also find images and comments from the day on twitter Рunder the hashtag #IBYC including quite a few pictures! Karie Bookish over on Fourth Edition has written a round-up post too. And there is now a thread on any blogposts related to the day on Ravelry, which can be found here.