Time will fly…

… and it is a little embarrassing. It has been so long since I last posted here, but life does have a way of creating havoc and general business which never helps! It is nearly the 1-year anniversary of this site, and it seems an appropriate time to take back control.

There are a number of changes coming soon. Starting with the re-development of the website itself. If you have visited over the past few days you may have noticed some of these changes. The entire site has been redesigned and pages completely rewritten. Pretty much all the pattern side of things is complete, but I am working on expanding the remaining sections – so keep an eye on the Teaching and Support sections. There will also be a new category appearing soon, but more on that when it is added.

Despite the blog being quiet, there have been a number of new patterns and these will be talked about in the near future.

To aid communications – I will be introducing a mailing list; again more information will be coming shortly.

So yeah, hello again!

Are You Ready? #giftalong2014

The Indie Giftalong 2014 starts at 8pm (EST) tonight!

I’m participating this year as a designer – you can find my bundle of discounted patterns on Ravelry here and also look at them on Pinterest as well. The offers are only available via Ravelry so you’ll need to log on over there.

And it is going to be huge! Check out the stats…

Reality Calling

I can safely say that my attempt to blog daily has failed, life has just been a bit too busy and chaotic to be able to manage this recently. I’m hoping to have more success with this next month (blogging daily, not more success with life).

So with that cleared out of the way… there are exciting things on the horizon… more tomorrow!

Apparently I cannot count

I had planned a to complete a full month of blog posts for November in honour of not only NaBloPoMo but also Wovember!

However, some things have got in my way. Primarily my inability to schedule posts successfully. It is not 2015, nor is it January, February or March of 2015. When I’m scheduling posts, I really need to make sure I’m correcting the day not the month… Oops!

Rather than publish a glut of posts in one go, I’ll restart the month and act as though November started on the 3rd (so today is post #1) and continue through until December 3rd with the daily posts.


NaBloPoMo returns, which is always a good incentive for me to start blogging again!

So in terms of what is coming up over the next month, expect photoblogs, socks, event recaps, socks, new pattern launches, socks, future design projects, socks, the abomination known as moths, socks, darning (see the moths again)… And did I mention socks?

Also in shopping news, has everyone spotted the Indie Gift-a-long on Ravelry? I’ll be taking part this year, so a number of my patterns will be on sale later this month and I’ll also be contributing some pattern prizes too!

New Pattern: Flock Together Cowl

If you weren’t already aware – I have another pattern out in this month’s Knit Now Magazine (Issue 39, Sept 2014).

(C) Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing

The cowl is extra cosy as it is fully lined. It uses three yarns – two for the colourwork and a third for the lining. Available in three lengths (short, medium, long) – the short is shown above.

At the moment the pattern is available from the More Mags website and in stores in the UK. It will be available for individual purchase next year on Ravelry.

I’ll write more about the inspiration behind the pattern in another post.

Friday Round-Up #6

Missed a few of these over the last few weeks!


There have been some interesting blog posts on a few topics which are worth a mention:

  • Woolly Wormhead posted on ‘The true cost of a pattern‘, a post which lays out the process and the costs involved in self-publishing. A follow up post continues the discussion.
  • Over at Fourth Edition, Karie posts on one of the difficulties faced by knitting professionals when off-duty.

And in other news:

  • The Yarn Cake has posted the list of classes available at this year’s GlasgowSchool of Yarn (and also was the runner up in the Best Yarn Shop in Scotland and Best Yarn Shop Day Experience in this year’s British Knitting Awards)
  • And Edinburgh Yarn Festival has released their class list for next March’s event.

And I have released a new pattern on pre-order – Tesserae is a half-circle or full-circle shawl – the price is discounted to £3.50 GBP until midnight (GMT) October 14th, 2014. The pattern will then revert to full price (at £4.50) and be fully-released on October 15th, 2014.

The Knit Now Patterns – Peeping Sheep & Planetarium

I didn’t really get the opportunity to post about the two patterns I had published back in March and April in Knit Now Magazine at the time. So, since they’ve both been released for sale via Ravelry now, it seems the right time to finally show them off.

First up, the Peeping Sheep Hat. This was one of the Designer Challenges that Knit Now offers, using their very own Bloomsbury DK which was developed in conjunction with Blacker Yarns. This yarn is exclusive to the magazine and was, I believe, one of their subscriber gifts (along with a pattern booklet) earlier this year.

The challenge was to design a pattern using two balls (and two colours if possible) of this yarn. And since the yarn was very sheepy, a sheepy motif seemed the way to go. The hat is available as both a fitted and slouchy finish, with sizes going from XXS (baby size) all the way up to XL (mens).

The second pattern (again, more colourwork!), is the Planetarium Wrist Warmers. This was for the April issue’s ‘Space Oddity’ theme. These use Blacker Yarns Swan Falklands Islands 4 Ply – which is beautifully soft and richly-coloured. Knitted flat and grafted for a seamless finish, this wrist warmers can be customised to fit any hands. And as an added bonus, the Ravelry edition has a complete map for all the planets and other bodies featured on the mittens. And yes, that is a meteorite in the background.