Friday Round-Up #5

Note to self… a draft post is not the same as a scheduled one… oops!


Another Friday! Here is what has caught my eye this week


  • Fringe season is upon us in Edinburgh, and even includes a knitting show – The Sweater Curse, tickets are still available.
  • The Yarn Cake over in Glasgow has started stocking the wonderful Titus yarn by baa ram ewe. If you haven’t seen it, it is a fabulous blend of BFL, Wensleydale and Alpaca.
  • The Yarn Cake was also featured in the newspaper article on why crafting is becoming popular again, online version can be found here.

Friday Round-Up #3

So I missed last week’s round-up due to being down in Newcastle (and exhausted – but that is another story), so here is #3.


Kaffe Fassett has a solo exhibition on at the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum from 12 July to 27 September 2014.


There is the Nordic Knitathon with a number of talks and events at the National Museum of Scotland here in Edinburgh on 19-20 July 2014. (Some of the events need booking).


And the Tour de Fleece has begun! I’m not joining in this year as I’m away at various points (so far I’ve missed the start and I’ll loose 5-6 days next week too) but I will do some spinning during the event.

Friday Round-Up #2

Things which have caught my eye this week…

  • British Airways is apparently joining the ‘slow TV’ phenomenon – bringing selected programmes into their in-flight entertainment, with knitting being one of the proposed topics.
  • Knitted bunting in Masham for the starting stage of this year’s Tour de France had to be removed due to safety fears… apparently the concern was down to the fact that officials worried that the yarn may cause the lamp-posts to fall over. No I don’t get this either… if the lamp-posts are incapable of supporting knitting what on earth are they made out of? However, you will be delighted to know that Cambridge lamp-posts are capable of supporting knitted bunting, even if they do get wet.