A Mythical Bestiary

Myth and Monsters!

This Mythological Bestiary includes six mythical beasts for you to knit!

All of the creatures are based on descriptions provided by the Ancient Greek and Roman Authors from the 7th Century BCE to the 1st Century ACE.

A Love Like Salt: North

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away…“

Although there are many fairytales, A Love like Salt is perhaps not one of the better known – yet the variations of the story are found all over the world. This collection draws on the fairy tale as a starting point, but delves into the history and culture of salt as inspiration for these patterns.



The Sun & The Moon

A Mini Tea Cosy Collection

A bird-themed tea cosy mini-collection, inspired by the poem ‘I talk with the Moon’ by Beverly McLoughland. The two cosies depict the two verses of the poem, with the Wren in the day and the Owl in the night.

Both tea cosies are worked in DK weight yarn in the round, using colour work techniques and crocheted steeks. The patterns are written in four sizes, with additional notes on customising the pattern to suit your tea pot.


A Shawl Collection

Notorious, scandalous and celebrated – the women of the demi-monde in Paris during the nineteenth century made their mark on society. This shawl collection draws inspiration from eight of these femme-fatales.

There are eight shawls in the collection: La Lune Rousse, Mogador, d’Antigny, Apollonie, La Barucci, La Païva, Léonide, and Duplessis.

All the shawls each use 1 skein of fingering weight (approximately 350-400 yds / 320-366 m). Two are beaded, though the beads are optional and can be omitted if preferred. There are a mix of shapes and construction methods (top-down, bottom-up, etc.).


A Puffin-Inspired Mini Collection

Puffins with their distinct colouring and quirky appearance are extremely endearing, earning their nickname ‘Clowns of the Sea’.

Lundy Island in the UK is home to a large population of these birds, and the name Lundy is said to come from the Old Norse Lundey, translated as Puffin (Lund) Island (-ey).

This collection includes the Lundey Mittens and Tam, and the Puffling toy pattern.


Mikros, Metrios, Megalos

A mini collection of three simple hats - Mikros, Metrios and Megalos.

Mikros: A simple beanie with a crisp twisted stitch rib and a relaxed fit.

Metrios: A slightly slouchy hat with a crisp twisted stitch rib. All over increases gently add to the volume.

Metrios: A slouchy hat with a crisp twisted stitch rib. Extra increases to the back add the slouch.

Due to their straightforward construction, the hats can be used as a basic template – add stripes, colourwork, stitch patterns or a pom-pom, and customise it!


Tam & Mittens

A matching set of colour work mittens and tam, inspired by the patterns of Shetland.