All the Batts

Next up in the EYF previews are the drum-carded batts!

Drum-carded Batts - Gradient

All the colours! Compared to the natural batts I shared in the previous post, these batts are colour-focused. There are a variety of sheep breeds ranging from Merino and B.F.L. through to Romney and Dorset Horn. Some batts combine other fibres, including silk, camel, firestar and alpaca, amongst others.

What I’m particularly pleased with are the gradient batts, one of these is pictured above – a yellow-to-orange gradient (Cheviot base). These are perfect to spin up using the Navajo-plying method, in order to maintain the gradient. The big gradients are around 100g each.However, there are smaller gradient batts available (varying 50g-80g), these have been carded with smaller projects in mind. These gradients run from one shade to another and then back again which means that more closely matching items can be worked from the hand spun yarn.

Batts will be available (while stocks last) in the following colour categories: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple and Yellow / Orange, plus gradients.


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