Pattern Preview

We’re counting down the days now to the Festival… so here is a quick reference guide to the patterns I’ll have available there!

Pattern Preview

I’ll have a mix of digital only, and paper-copy+digital, patterns available during the weekend. I will also have all the samples for these patterns at the show too!

All the paper copies (barring Arciform) come with digital codes. These codes are Ravelry compatible and can be used as a discount voucher via the Ravelry shopping basket within the site. There is a very useful blog post from Ravelry here, which explains how to use them.

Don’t use Ravelry? Use the web address on the coupon label (the page is here), and enter the code, you’ll be able to access the pattern. (If you are a Ravelry user, and choose to access your pattern this way, don’t worry, it is still possible to add the pattern to your library).

Pattern Availability

Paper-Copy+Digital or Digital: 72 Degrees North, Apollonie, Briochaubles, Brome, Buttons, Cluaran Tea Cosy, d’Antigny, Duplessis, Evremond, Flexure, Flightless, Flock Together, Geometrickery, Helicoidal, Hildasay Mittens, Hildasay Tam, I Talk With The Moon Tea Cosy, Inverse, Irregularity, La Barucci, La Lune Rousse, La Païva, Léonide, Luck of the Irish, Lundey Mittens, Lundey Tam, Megalos, Metrios, Mikros, Mogador, Notus, Oculus, Peeping Sheep, Planetarium, Puffling, Tesserae, Voar.

Paper-Copy Only: Arciform.

Digital Only: Breacan, Kentigern, Laities, Riverscape, Sanu.

Collections are available as Digital downloads, this includes:

  • Courtesans: Apollonie, d’Antigny, Duplessis, La Barucci, La Lune Rousse, La Païva, Léonide, Mogador.
  • Hildasay Collection: Hildasay Mittens and Tam.
  • Puffinries: Lundey Mittens and Tam, and Puffling.
  • Trio Collection: Megalos, Metros, Mikros.


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