Indie GAL 2015 Top Picks: Hats, Headwear, Etc.

A big part of the GAL for me is browsing through all the patterns on offer!

I find the Pinterest boards, which the dedicated team of mods and volunteers have put together, are a great way of seeing all the patterns easily. However, this year, they’ve also created super-bundles on Ravelry. These bundles have all of the fabulous Ravelry browsing / searching options and filters available, so if you have a specific preferences you can separate out the relevant options. The link to the bundles (and the Pinterest boards) can be found on Ravelry here (you’ll need to log in to Ravelry to access this page).

But… back to the patterns, I’ll be sharing my personal favourites, as well as the patterns I have on offer, once or twice a day from the various categories.

So from my Ravelry store, I have the following Hat / Headwear options available at the 25% discount.

Looking through the boards of the other patterns, there are a lot of very cool choices out there. These are a few of my personal favourites.

I love hats with bold colour choices and textures, as you can probably tell from the board I’ve put together. Colour blocks don’t need to be complex to really show off a pattern – Stairstepper and Scored are very simple, but striking. And I’m fascinated by the crown shaping on Tronda.

Next up… Shawls and Stoles!

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