2014 – January Round-Up



So a quick round-up of my knitting in January. Not too bad – 8 projects finished. Especially when you consider that the Kimono Wrap has been on the needles since at least January 2011. (Seriously, it was the project of doom*)

Honey Cowl: Using Shilasdair Luxury 4 Ply  (Angora, Camel, Merino and Cashmere all-in-one… yes please!). The pattern originally called for DK, but holding the 4 Ply double solved that problem. Plus stash was from probably from 2010 or 2011.

Kimono Wrap: Least said the better. But I still like it. And all the ends are woven in. It is done, done I tell you!

Boot Cuffs / 2 Needle Boot Toppers: What to do with smallish quantities of Aran weight? Boot toppers. Came in very handy in Iceland under trousers, no pesky drafts. One pair has gone off to live with Mum.

Windschief: A request from the BF who normally doesn’t ask for much. Quick knit when you actually follow the pattern properly. Still haven’t managed to get a picture of him in it, despite it being worn pretty much constantly since it was finished.

Thrummed! / Thrummed Again!: An essential knit for Iceland. Cosy fingers. Had to make two pairs as if I’d only made one, I would have had to fend Mum away from them constantly. Am now pondering what else I can thrum (such a good word, thrum!). One note of caution though, if using the pattern I did (this one) make sure to move the thumb placement on one of the mittens, otherwise you get two right-hand mittens.

Voar: FO and a new pattern. For the Ginger Twist Studio and a workshop which will be running in March. Worsted weight fingerless wristwarmers – perfect for the not-so-warm days of a Scottish Spring.


* The new project of doom is the Shipwreck Shawl which I’ve been knitting since August 2012. It too may see completion in the future. 


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