A Love Like Salt

Things may have seemed extremely quiet for a while around here, but if you are on Ravelry you may have noticed a few adverts popping up here and there around the site. These were all in anticipation of a new collection I've been putting together, and the provisional pattern pages have been up on Ravelry since the end of April.

However, since we wrapped up the official photoshoot on Friday I can now switch things up and start promoting it properly!

Before we get into the proper introduction to the collection, it seems sensible to provide some background on the inspiration (and an explanation of the title) before I share the patterns.

First of all... Salt?

Well, yes... Me being me, and finding inspiration in all sorts of strange things, salt seemed a good choice (however unlikely you may find it!)

Although the history and archaeology of salt is extremely interesting, it is actually its appearance in fairy tales which was the original starting point for the collection. It is not one of the more commonly known stories, but the tale A Love Like Salt actually appears in various forms across Europe and Asia.

The tale in all its variants is very similar. A father asks daughters how much they love him. The elder daughters all respond with socially appropriate equivalents (sugar, gold, that sort of thing). The youngest, however, always responds that she loves him like salt.

Displeased with her answer, he drives his youngest daughter from his home. She wanders for a while, eventually finding employment as a lowly servant at a wealthy and powerful household. There the son of the household falls in love with her, and despite resistance on his parents part (normally resolved when they discover she is not as low in status as first appears), permit the marriage.

She makes the decision to invite her father (in secret) to her wedding feast, but she instructs the cook to prepare all of his food without salt. The father, failing to recognise his estranged daughter, finds his meal inedible. Realising now the extent his daughter's love (since no man can survive without salt), he laments that he has wronged her and mourns her (he believes she is probably dead at this point).

Instead she reveals herself and everyone is happily reconciled. Hurrah!

Using that as a starting point, I looked to the history and geography of salt to provide the actual inspiration for the individual patterns. What I found was an awful lot of inspiration! It was at this point that the collection started to take on a life of its on. Rather than create one (extremely) large collection, I instead decided to break it down into more manageable sections - North, South, East and West.

So, may I now introduce (officially), A Love Like Salt: North. A small collection of six patterns, with an emphasis on slip stitches and texture.

Hallein Hat

Hallein Wrist Warmers


Hallein Cowl



A Love Like Salt: North

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away…”

Although there are many fairytales, A Love like Salt is perhaps not one of the better known - yet the variations of the story are found all over the world. This collection draws on the fairy tale as a starting point, but delves into the history and culture of salt as inspiration for these patterns.

Comprising of 6 patterns, the collection is currently available to pre-order either as a e-book, or as a paper copy+e-book - information on how to order is given below.

The collection will be released digitally on June 10th, 2017.

If you would like to pre-order the e-book only, this can be purchased via Ravelry (for the discounted price of £10).

If you would like to pre-order the paper copy+e-book for (the discounted price of £12 plus P&P), please click here. Pre-orders for paper copies closes May 31st, 2017), and the paper copies of the book will be shipped on June 15th, 2017.

(Prices on full release: e-book only £12.00, paper copy+e-book £13.50 plus P&P).

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