Fabric of Britain

Ok, so I’m late on the bandwagon with this. But did anyone catch the BBC4 programme on Knitting in the 20th Century (up the 80s only unfortunately). Interesting programme.

There are a couple of clips archived here – and if it does show up again on repeat I can recommend a watch.

One comment though – the knitted swimsuit standing up to being immersed in water (clip here). I’m not convinced. Mainly because it wasn’t submersed for very long… that was more a splash and dash – rather than an acutal swim. Can’t blame the model for not staying in any longer though… that looked freezing!

It is a shame too that the programme ended with the 80s, and only gave a passing nod to the resurgence of Knitting* in the 90s and early 21st Century. More could be done I think.

*I know crochet has undergone a resurgence too, but the programme focused solely on Knittin.

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