Indie GAL 2015 Top Picks: Neckwear, Etc.

Following on from the shawls it seems only appropriate to have a look at the other neckwear available in the sale.

First up, I have three cowl patterns within this category: Flock Together – a fully lined, Escher-inspired piece, Geometrickery – with a 3-D shifting motif, and Laities – a simple cabled piece.

I’m spotting some themes in my preferences… mainly with colour-blocking, but with the cowls I also like colour work. And there are some lovely ones out there. What I’ve included below is a mere smidgen of all the options out there.

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Of note, the Rainchaser cowl matches one of the hats I mentioned in the first Top Picks post, so if you’re looking for a set that is a good option.

I particularly keen on the Pixel cowl. The pattern in combination with the colour choices really pops.

Next up – Hand and Arm Things. Complete with Competition!

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