Indie GAL Top Picks: Shawls, Etc.

This is quite possibly the largest of the Sale boards, there are a lot of shawls and stoles! Which meant I ended up browsing through this board several times, and I’m sure I still missed some fabulous ones.

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Again a lot of colour blocking. I have an obsession. I’m particularly taken with Nancy Whitman’s designs, especially her Mondrian-inspired shawl. What I’m also interested in is the number of shawls which do not conform to the more ‘regular’ or expected shawl shapes. I adore asymmetry and frequently find that these shawls are very comfortable and easy to wear. I also spotted Wings of Change, and the construction of this one seems rather interesting.

I have four shawls in the sale: Evremond, Notus, Tesserae and Flightless. All use different techniques to produce the finished shapes and styles.

Next up… continuing on the neck theme – Neckwear!

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