#knittv – Now Online

Missed the Norwegian Knitting TV marathon on November 1st?

Well they are now offering it online – in Norwegian only.

Part One – the Preshow can be found here.

And Part Two – the Record attempt is here.

But note that the English commentary is no longer available. What I recommend is to use the translation options offered by your web browser (Chrome definitely has this option at least). Confirm that you want the page translated from Norwegian to English, the click on the ‘subtitles’ option –  the browser will translate this commentary into English (albeit a little oddly, as is the want of all translation programmes).

For Part One – there is also a submenu, dividing the episode up into the separate segments of the show. So you can just skip to the bits you want to see. I can recommend #6 Selbu Mittens and #21 Nalebinding.

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