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My aim originally was to liveblog as much of this show as possible. But I ended up missing the first hour or so because I was having dinner. That seems like a reasonable excuse… well it is for me anyway.

The show is being held at the National Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum, located near Bergen.

19:37 – I picked up the action with the mitten lady.  After finding yarn all over her house she decided to knit 100 mittens. All on 2mm needles. The assortment is fascinating. So many patterns and colours. Loved the bits about her grandmother knitting too.

19:40ish – Selbu! Technique I’d love to have go at. The black and white looks instantly classy. Interesting to hear about the origins of it. All due to a 16 year old girl knitting up a pair of mittens which caught everyone’s attention in 1857.

19:50 – The sheep is here. She’s awfully clean. Definitely prepped and primped for the event. Hard to believe that the record is 4hr 51min.

Team introductions: Rolf the shearer, and Norwegian champion, plus spinners and knitters.

Few comments on the lanolin problem, meaning that needles will need to changed regularly so the lanolin build up doesn’t cause problems.

19:55ish – Knitting School! Knit and purl stitches – continental style

19:58 – The museum of unfinished objects, really! And discussions of the reasons behind UFOs, and there is a publication on this too.

One of the presenters (Kari) likes to finish other people’s projects – I wish I knew her! I have a couple of things I’d like finished but haven’t got round to it.

20:04 – There is an apricot pile of fluff… and some interesting facial expressions.

20:05 – Kari has admitted that she doesn’t think she has ever left a project unfinished… how does she do that?

20:06 – The random scraps of knitting (all rectangles) are the remains of unfinished teddy bear. There is nothing bear like about it. (Kari looks like she wants to take it home and finish it). But instead she is taking a unfinished 10 year old sweater and will send it on to the original owner when it is all finished… so many ends to weave in. And one sleeve needs shortening… so less knitting, more unravelling.

20:11 – Tiger jumper!

20:12 – Random object just went past… looks very, very odd…

20:13 – Knitting School! Increases, three different ways

20:14 – One of the Selbu knitters has already finished one mitten this evening and is now on the second. She is very, very fast.

20:17 – Discussion of Norwegian knitting designers…combining high fashion with traditional Norwegian knitting motifs.

20:21 – Apparently no matter how high fashion a sweater, bumblebee colours are never popular.

20:23 – I like the man’s sweater being shown. This is more of a Icelandic style, with a slightly more quirky approach. The designers are Arne and Carlos (the gentlemen behind 55 Christmas Balls to Knit)

20:28 – Convertible sweaters… not convinced by armpit zips

20:34 – Time to cover a Harley Davidson in knitting… of course?

20:37 – Have just popped a picture on instagram… am now curious if it will appear at some point.

20:38 – Knitting school in northern Norway, right up at the Barents Sea. Complete with knitting and fabric shop, tattoos and motorbikes.

20:41 – Into the shop – threads, buttons, more buttons, notions, fabric, yarn… so much stuff!

20:45 – One world record already achieved. The largest mittens in the world. In Selbu style. They are huge. And they were only going to knit one, but thanks to the sheer number of volunteers they ended up with a pair. Next challenge – world’s largest Selbu sock.

20:48 – Oh lord… it’s a smitten. No… just no… (if you don’t know what a smitten is… Ravelry pattern search).

20:50 – History time. The earliest known knitting in Norway dates to the 15th century. And it was all imported. Curious really. For a country with such a strong knitting tradition you would make an assumption that the earliest pieces would be local. Also some interesting differences in terms of the genders knitting. Male the norm, but in some regions it is female dominated.

Nålebinding! Another skill I need to learn. I have the needles, just need to have a go. And a few examples. Looks far more like crochet to be honest. Most of the pieces are fairly small – socks, hats – that type of thing. It is surprisingly stretchy.

20:55 – And a demonstration too. Nålebinding socks! With afterthought heels. Looks like a good technique for house sock/slippers.  I really need to have a go at this.

21:00 – Knitting School! Decreasing this time.

21:02 – Apparently there are 5000 pictures already posted on Instagram under both the #nrkstrikk and #knittv tags.

21:06 – Knitting on the net. Ravelry just got a mention, but other sites are being dicussed too.

21:07 – Wish I knew more Norwegian… or any. While the English commentary is pretty good, you do miss quite a lot in the translation.

21:08 – Everywhere gets trolls.

21:09 – Some interesting observations on the level of detail provided in patterns. Norway – with such a strong knitting tradition tends to have patterns with assumptions being made regarding the skill level being quite high. Elsewhere patterns may have far more detail.

21:11 – Arm knitting!

21:12 – And on the opposite end of the spectrum… miniature knitting. She uses embroidery floss (single strands) or just sewing thread. Absolutely astonishing.

21:18 – Men knitting! And the gentleman featured is extremely quick, and is doing a wonderful demonstration of how to carry two colours in one hand for stranded knitting. He has some incredible knitted afghans, which he believes took him around 100 hours each. So fast!

21:20 – 80s flashback

21:23 – The Harley Davidson is getting fuzzier.

21:25 – Knitting School! How to knit a top down sweater

21:29 – Aw… demonstrations of affection and emotion in knitting by adding particular motifs in specific locations.

21:33 – Symbolism in knitting – both in terms of content and meaning, but also in tying it to a specific geographic location. And also pagan symbols – before independence, the national identity drew on many of those motifs. Paganism however, could warrent the death sentence…

21:36 – While I don’t like the motifs on that first modelled sweater (the orange-brown coloured jumper), I love the neckline.

21:39 – The strangest motif yet…. “Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla”….

21:41 – The perfectionist in me isn’t sure about ending up with odd gaps or half a tractor when knitting.

21:46 – We appear to have lost the English commentary… on the other hand it isn’t hard to follow the fact that covering a Harley in knitting is funny.

21:47 – Ah… commentator needed tea.

21:49 – Knitting School! How to bind off.

21:52 – It is the Science bit.  Yarn properties and the different types of yarn.

21:57 – Nice to see the same shift in attitude to local wools in Norway.

22:00 – Vintage tv adverts for washing detergent…. *giggle*

22:01 – Time to hide behind the sofa… felting. Poor jumper.

22:06 – Ah the miracle of blocking.

22.09 – Back to the Selbu ladies, 1.5 mittens down. Each. There is apparently a Museum of Knitting in Selbu. Am now on Google.

22.16 – The Folk Museum can be found here.

22.17 – And the sheep pooped on the red carpet / catwalk. Only to be expected.

22.18 – More World Record team introductions. So team consists of 1 shearer and 7 spinners/knitters. And the sheep has been outside up until the event. Still looks awfully clean though. Despite the poop on the carpet. The sheep appears to be the calmest out of everyone.

22.21 – Have just noticed that the microphone has a colourwork cosy on it.  And the Norwegian for shearer is klipper… see the programme is educational. The shearer has promised to stay until the end too, although he cannot knit, he can make coffee.

22.25 – And the red carpet is quietly being removed in the background – presumably for poop removal.

22:26 – That is a car covered in knitting.

22:31 – Buffering – noooo!

22:33 – And I’m back and have no idea what is happening now…

22:34 – Oh the Skappel sweater… I recognise that. I have it on my ‘to-knit’ list.

22:41 – After a quick break, I’m back. And the unfinished jumper that Kari took earlier is nearly done.

22:44 – The social media organiser seems slightly frazzled. And instagram has now hit 6000 images.

22:47 – And the bike is done. Complete with bat on the screen.

22:53 – And the presenter just fell off the back of the bike….

22:54 – And the challengers assemble! Nice mix of wheels to be used. Unfortunately the English commentary has now stopped.

22:55 – Some the wheels are incredible looking. There is one which looks a little like a water wheel, with spokes (with block ends) rather than a solid wheel.

22:57 – New English commentator. And pretty pictures of the sheep to be used tonight. She’s been outside for 14 days and no combing. And her name is Guri (not sure of the spelling).

23:00 – And it begins! And that is one calm sheep.

23:01 – Spinning has already started. Phenomenal.

23.07 – After 2 minutes all five wheels were in operation. The knitters are ready. And the sheep looks like it has gone to sleep.

23:14 – I wonder what yarn weight they are aiming for? I know it is a 2 ply yarn. And the jumper needs to have 163 rows front and back.

23:18 – I spy bobbins being switched out.

23:21 – And plying has started…. wow

23:27 – The pattern is a standard one, and is the exact same pattern as used in the previous world record (and the other attempts). The pattern should be available via the NRK website (according to the commentator) but haven’t located it yet.

23:29 – Knitting has started. Ribbing first, then stocking stitch for the main body. Sweater will be knitted flat and seamed.

23.31 – Let the 16 rows of 1×1 rib commence!

23:32 – Second knitter has started. Cue manic laughter in the background.

23.38 – Am loving the nonchalence of the spinners, it all seems so relaxed.

23.41 – Official verdict, everyone is having fun… so far

23.42 – Am liking the stories about Rolf’s (the shearer) grandmother. Pipe and knitting at all times 🙂

23.43 – New chair needed… other wasn’t comfortable enough.

23.58 – And the sheep used was a Norwegian White

00:00 – 1 hour down – five spinners spinning, two knitters knitting and one shearer running errands and offering neck massages

00:40 – Aftre getting distracted, I note that we are currently at 3 knitters, 4 spinners and 1 Rolf. The knitters appear to be using Knit Pro/Picks Cubics.

00:47 – Both sleeves are now cast on. So that is 2 sleeves, back and front all underway. And 3 spinners still working.

00:56 – Just coming up to the 2 hour mark and I’m making that do for tonight.


Looking forward to seeing the result tomorrow.


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