The Madness is coming…

On a different (i.e. not related to Edinburgh Yarn Festival) note – Sock Madness is celebrating their 10th year on Ravelry. You can find the group on Ravelry here. The premise is quite simple:

Sock Madness consists of 7 rounds. Round 1 is open to everyone who registers during February. Everyone that finishes their pair of socks will move on to the next round, those who make a “reasonable effort” (which we’ve defined as one complete sock or two at a time both half finished) will continue to receive all the patterns. For the remaining rounds there will be a certain number of competitors on each team allowed through to the next round and each round that number gets smaller. In the final round the teams will compete against one another. (From the Ravelry Group)

So, competitive sock knitting with no clue as to what the patterns will be. They have shared an initial materials list, and excluding the warm-up / bonus patterns, the remaining seven socks will form the core of the event. Since my sanity is apparently on holiday I’ve signed up and have been sorting through stash to locate appropriate yarns, and have come up with the following:

Sock Madness Planning

  • (A) Old Maiden Aunt Merino (Berry Good) with translucent, silver-lined amethyst beads.
  • (B) Schoppel-Wolle Best OF (Flei ages Lieschen)
  • (C) Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight (77 Black) / The Yarn Yard BBFL (Howzatt)
  • (D) Yarn Pony Mustang (098/200)
  • (E) Easyknits Super Sushi (Dusk)
  • (H) Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed Yarns Reliable Sock (Orkney Sea & Sky) with transparent, silver-lined sky blue beads
  • (I) Easyknits Super Sushi (Torte), with appropriate contrast yarn (10g)

Sign-ups close midnight (wherever you are) 29th February 2016. Are you going to join in?






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