Yarn Shop Day 2014

Typically, with my impeccable timing I’ve managed to ensure that I’m out of the country for this.

But, fear not! The fab folks over at The Yarn Cake currently have a few of my knitted samples and a whole heap of patterns for you to enjoy on May 3rd, plus the wonderful company of OwlPrintPanda and WalkYouHome (and their designs and patterns). More info on their celebrations, including their 10% discount offer on the day!

As you can see from the windows, the samples of Oculus, the Hildasay Tam and the Kentigern Blanket will be there. And printed versions (these include codes so you can add digital copies to your Ravelry library too) of:

  • The Kentigern Blanket
  • Flightless Shawl
  • Laitis Cowl
  • Hildasay Mittens
  • Hildasay Tam
  • Hildasay Collection (Tam & Mittens in one bundle)
  • Sanu Hat
  • Riverscape Socks
  • Voar Wristwarmers
  • Oculus Hat
  • *NEW* I Talk With The Moon Tea Cosy


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