Wool Week Round Up #1

A quick selction of links on Wool Week…

  • The Guardian on Wool Week…
  • … and on ‘the best British designs
  • … and on wool and eco-friendliness.
  • A number of High Street Stores & Designers have collaborated on a number of jumpers (all wool, obviously) – Article here, and if you want to check out the jumpers themselves – go here. All the jumpers have been designed by students from across the UK. Prices start at £39.50… though the one I particularly like had to be the most expensive (£445!).
  • Four things you need to know about Wool Week – courtesy of The Metro. (It should be noted that the Campaign for Wool’s Knit Nation has no connection to the original Knit Nation event which was created and promoted to Socktopus).
  • The Telegraph has some notes of things to buy and things to do.
  • Alternatively… just knit a panda!


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