Sneak Peek – Collection Information

So far we’ve seen the yarn (all 4 Ply) and some beads… I’m not going to talk about the theme or inspiration of the collection yet but I can share a few more details.

As I said in the first preview (on the yarns) that there were eight patterns. And there are, eight shawl patterns to be precise!

Each pattern takes 1 skein, and there is a mix of top-down, bottom-up and side-to-side patterns. All have lace as their main feature, and most will have charts and written instructions for their motifs (at present only one does not have a chart, but the motif is simple enough on its own). Two add beads for some extra detail (though as I said earlier, these are entirely optional).

And while I cannot share the specifics, I can share the shapes:

Shawl Collection (Shapes)

As you can see there is a mix of shapes, some more familiar than others!

Next up… some information on progress.

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