Sneak Peek – The Beads

Two of the patterns in the upcoming collection are beaded. If you’re not interested in adding beads, never fear, both patterns with beads include notes for un-beaded versions.

Beads add a new dimension to your knitting, and there is a lot of fun to be had when matching beads to yarn. Should they contrast or co-ordinate? Both the bead choices I made for this collection opted for the latter.

Equinox yarn and beadsFirst up, the Skein Top Draw Socks in the Equinox colour way. This was paired with antique 4mm copper beads.

OMA yarn and beads

And secondly, Old Maiden Aunt Merino / Silk 4 Ply in the Cold Sheep colour with silver-lined glass Matsuno beads and Swarovski 11mm Drop Crystals. Instant sparkle!

Etsy is a good source for beads like the antique metal ones shown above, but there are plenty of online bead retailers to choose from. Just make sure that if you want to use beads with knitting that you opt for ones of a suitable size (Size 6 is good for fingering weight yarns) and that the holes are of a sufficient size for the yarn to pass through them. I sourced the Matsuno beads shown above from The Bead Store Scotland. These are 4mm beads and are listed as being suitable for knitting.

As a useful tip, the numbers assigned to beads are the quantity it takes for an inch, very similar to a gauge swatch! The smaller the number, the bigger the bead, and the fewer beads it takes to reach an inch. But always check that the holes are a suitable size, just because a bead is bigger doesn’t meant that the hole has it is larger!

Next up – More information on the collection itself!

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