Sneak Peeks – Progress (Part 2)

Following on from the previous post on progress, here is another sneak peek at the third shawl in the collection.

This one uses Ginger’s Hand Dyed Yakety-Yak 4 Ply (love the name!) in the beautiful ‘Toasted Walnut’ colour way. I’ve never used yarn with yak before and this yarn is very soft but also quite strong and has a great sheen from the silk content.

As you can seen from the teaser picture (another one from Instagram), that it is rather lacy. This shawl has a fantastic drape. It is unbeaded, but I think (after a conversation with someone who has seen the shawl) that beads could be a fabulous addition – especially if they follow the patterning from the lace.

Amazingly this is the last sneak peek! The next post on this collection will be the announcements concerning the Collection itself, the inspiration behind it and more information on pre-ordering it! This will out on September 16th!

As it happens, the fourth shawl has just come off the needles today. This used a now unavailable yarn (Yarn Pony Show Pony 4 Ply) but another of Ginger’s Hand Dyed yarns is an excellent match, namely the Splendor 4 Ply in the Selkie colour way. 

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