Test Knitters Needed!

I have a pair of socks ready for testing. Some of you may have seen the Riverscape socks at the Glasgow School of Yarn, but for those that haven’t – here they are:

Using just one skein of fingering weight yarn, these top-down socks have a spiralling motif which coils around the leg and across the foot. The socks have symmetrical motifs. There are 3 sizes available too.

I’m running the test through the Free Pattern Testers on Ravelry. You’ll need to sign in (or join) to Ravelry and join the FPT group, then sign up in the forum thread – which is here.

The test will end on November 22, 2013 and testers only need to knit 1 sock for the purposes of the test (you will be allocated either a left or right sock to knit).

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