Please note that discount codes are only applicable to Ravelry purchases.

All patterns or acquired using codes can be added to your Ravelry library.

If you have any difficulties applying a coupon code please contact me at aphaia(dot)knits(at)gmail(dot)com - please provide the following details: pattern name, coupon code and type of discount (i.e. Percentage discount, free pattern, pre-purchased download code).

All promotions and offers are advertised on Ravelry via my Group, and on Twitter.

Discount 1: Specific Free Pattern

If you have received a code for 'a specific free pattern or collection', there are two methods to redeem the code. You can either follow the steps shown in the box opposite, or you can enter the code here.

Discount 2: Any free pattern or collection, or % discount

If you have received a code for 'any free pattern or collection', or a specified discount, use the following steps on Ravelry to redeem your code.

1. Add the named (if a specific pattern) or other chosen (if free choice, or general discount) items to the shopping cart on this site or on Ravelry.

2. Once all items are added, select the 'Use a Coupon Code' option on the basket.

3. Enter code (capitalisation not required).

4. Click 'Apply'.

The appropriate discount should be visible. Complete the transaction as required.

Please note, the valid items need to be added to your shopping cart in order for the codes to apply correctly.

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