2013 – A (Somewhat Delayed) Recap

I had plans for a big fancy post with lots of discussion… that has not really panned out. Instead this is very much just a summary, but it is still nice to write it down.

All things considered 2013 was not a bad year crafting wise.

I knitted / crocheted / wove 35 projects – which included garments for once, instead of only focusing on accessories.

I launched 5 patterns > Flightless, Laitis, Hildasay Mittens, RiverscapeSānu

I managed to spin. (Quite a bit through the Tour de Fleece to be honest, not a vast amount after.)

Edinburgh Yarn Festival….A belated recap

Manic sums it up.

There is something about taking a shedload of fibre enthusiasts and sticking them all in the same room that makes you hit the big red button in your head which tells you to ‘Buy all the things! Now!’

Despite the ever parent crush of people, it was well worth the trip over to Edinburgh (we were still in Glasgow at this point but had found the place we ended up in).

Got some cool stuff though…