New Pattern: Flock Together Cowl

If you weren’t already aware – I have another pattern out in this month’s Knit Now Magazine (Issue 39, Sept 2014).

(C) Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing

The cowl is extra cosy as it is fully lined. It uses three yarns – two for the colourwork and a third for the lining. Available in three lengths (short, medium, long) – the short is shown above.

At the moment the pattern is available from the More Mags website and in stores in the UK. It will be available for individual purchase next year on Ravelry.

I’ll write more about the inspiration behind the pattern in another post.

New Patterns!

As mentioned in the recent FOs post, I have two new patterns for sale – both available via Ravelry and Craftsy.


Firstly, there is Flightless. A reversible crescent shaped top-down shawl, which uses short rows to create a broad yet shallow shape. The subtle lace decoration evokes the shape and form of bird’s wings. It comes in two sizes. 



And secondly, there is the Laitis CowlA simple cabled cowl, which uses twisted stitches for emphasis—perfect for those luxurious yarns that demand to be made into something cosy. This uses less than a one skein of sock yarn. I’m planning on developing a matching pair of mittens for this one.

FO: Slip-Stitch Cowl

Another p/hop acquisition – Noro Transitions – a curious yarn. One of the commenters on Ravelry describes it as ‘horrible yarn put together from floor sweepings I think’.  I do not necessarily hold with this statement entirely (note the entirely). This yarn truly is a bit of everything – 55% Wool, 10% Silk, 7% Alpaca, 7% Angora, 7% Cashmere.

The first part of the skein was… how shall we say… interesting. Lots of very short fibres, with what I suspect was the silk. The overall shade of this section jarred somewhat with the rest of it. So I did some careful editing. I discarded the first section and another short stretch from the middle of the skein which also resembled the first part.

Once those odd sections were eliminated, what was left was about 75g of lovely tonal grays and browns, with a couple of stretches of more opalescent colours on a gray background. Very nice! The nicest stretch was the one I think is angora – soft, fuzzy and a beautiful pale gray.

I wanted something simple to show off the fibres and the colours, plus a pattern which would work with the limited yardage. I decided that a neat-fitting cowl may offer the best proposition. Propitiously the new issue of Knitty (Winter 2012) came out and included a pair of slip-stitch socks (the Chimaera pattern) which used this stitch technique to help soften and blend the colours in variegated yarn.

Following the set of the Gap-tastic cowl I’ve knitted previously, I cast on an odd number of stitches (67) on 8mm needles, and k1 sl1 in circles until I ran out of yarn. The odd number of cast on stitches ensured that I could just keep knitting without need to check rows and that all stitches which were knitted on the first row were slipped on the second and so on during the subsequent rows.

It still needs blocking, but I have a lovely cosy little cowl. Which is also reversible.