WIP Wednesday (July 23, 2014)

In the interests of sharing, I’ve decided to add in a new post category (probably running fortnightly, although it may become weekly – depending on how much knitting I actually get done). So welcome to WIP Wednesday! Of which there are quite a few lurking around the house.

On the Needles
Three active projects here – there are three others, all either hibernating (more on those later in a separate post) or still in the planning stages (I’ll talk about that one when it is finally started).


First up another pair of socks – I mentioned these ones briefly in the Busy, Busy, Busy! Post last week. 2014 really is the year of the sock! This is the second pair this year for the BF. Again I am using my favourite (since I don’t need to think about what I’m doing) sock recipe (this recipe will also be covered in a forthcoming blog post) and Old Maiden Aunt Merino Superwash 4 Ply. This isn’t a normal OMA colourway, this is one of the skeins I dyed at the workshop back in March 2013. It is a deep blue with flashes of turquoise, very peacock-esque! I named the colourway ‘Wine Dark Sea’ – blame my love of Homer.* The BF however took one look at the freshly dyed skeins and declared it to be a ‘sock yarn blue’. Which resulted in the skeins immediately being set aside for socks for him. The first is done (and fits!), and the second has been cast on.


Next up is Sombra, the lace weight jumper from the Summer 2014 issue of PomPom Quarterly. Knitted flat, this is quite slow going, but the front is finished and I have just the back to finish and the seaming and sleeves to go. I’m knitting this in Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Lace (Oyster colourway) and Habu Yarns Silk Stainless Steel (Brown) and Merino (Green). Quite a neutral palette for me, but I’m loving the effect so far. Due to the fact that I get yarn tangled extremely easily (and taking on board advice from other users of the Habu Yarns) I’m knitting this on straight needles. The cable of a circular needles plus three strands of yarn was simply asking for trouble where I am concerned. As long as I am careful when adding in, or removing the different yarns I’m okay, if I’m not, then I spend a not inconsiderable amount of time unknotting things.

The final active knitting project is another super-secret thing, again for Glasgow School of Yarn in October and again knitted in Jamieson and Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight (I have an addiction).

On the Hook
Nothing at the moment, though I am very tempted by Pax and really should just give it a go and not think about it too much.

On the Wheel


Some incredibly beautiful silk from Hilltop Cloud. This was one of first Wool-Free Luxury Club offerings, and I have 200g of it. It is delightful to spin. I’m still on the first brick, I’ll get that both spun up as singles. At the moment I’m not sure whether to opt for a 2 Ply or Navajo-ply for 3 Ply. Either way it is going to be lovely.

* In Ancient Greek there is no word for blue, so the descriptions of the sea equate it with other colours, dark wine shades being a favourite.

Shopping the Stash

If you’ve seen my stash entires on my Ravelry profile, it becomes very apparent that I have a not in-substantial quantity of yarn and fibre currently residing in my spare room.

So… 2014 is the year of the stash!

The aim is to knit  (and spin, crochet or weave… or just remove by donation or sale) as much as possible from said stash.* Occasional exceptions are permitted**(for instance there is no way I am giving up my HilltopCloud Best of British fibre club spot – sorry!)

I’m now a semi-active member of the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry, and am starting to (albeit) slowly work my way through things.

So far, so good and as of April 30th, I’ve reduced my stash by 7.38 miles!


* Destashing will be fairly limited, I rather like what I have in my stash. No novelty yarn lurks in the deepest reaches of my storage boxes!

** Apparently occasional exceptions have resulted in copious amounts of yarn from Iceland, a pile of Jamieson & Smith’s Jumper Weight (both purchased and won as a prize) and a wee heap of cotton yarn since I didn’t have any… I may have to rethink the definition of ‘occasional’. 

2013 – A (Somewhat Delayed) Recap

I had plans for a big fancy post with lots of discussion… that has not really panned out. Instead this is very much just a summary, but it is still nice to write it down.

All things considered 2013 was not a bad year crafting wise.

I knitted / crocheted / wove 35 projects – which included garments for once, instead of only focusing on accessories.

I launched 5 patterns > Flightless, Laitis, Hildasay Mittens, RiverscapeSānu

I managed to spin. (Quite a bit through the Tour de Fleece to be honest, not a vast amount after.)