Christmas 2012

When being all organised and being good at updating the blog tonight, I realised that I still hadn’t mentioned anything about Christmas.

Well, it was awesome. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, opened an awful lot of presents and generally just had a really good time.

I got more yarn-related goodies, including a ball winder and swift from J to go with my new wheel, plus lots of goodies from the Herdy Company (including a D-I-Y felt your own sheep kit), some yarn (Yarn Yard Marchmont) and a Habu Kusha Kusha Scarf kit… I’m very lucky đŸ™‚

FO: Christmas Baubles

Using the entertainerly named Balls Up! pattern available for free on Ravelry. I had a couple of foam balls from my Grandma’s stash (no idea what they were for) which were a good size. So baubles they became. The second casing was a bit small for the foam ball so I just used stuffing to fill that one. They worked out better than hoped too. And they are currently adorning our Christmas tree.

And unlike the other baubles which we broke this year… I cannot damage them – at least I don’t think I can…

Christmas: Festive Wreath – Part Two

Final steps for the festive wreath. (Part one can be found here).

Step 7

Step 7Arrange and attach coordinating baubles around the wreath. You can use ones of varying sizes or keep them all the same. Pine cones or other decorations could also be used. Attach by sewing or use craft wire.

Step 8

Step 8Add a bow to the base of the wreath.

Step 9

Step 9

Add a hanging thread or loop from the top of the wreath.


Christmas: Festive Wreath – Part One

a.k.a. finally a use for novelty yarn…

In this post we’ll cover the basic construction. Part two will deal with the decoration of the basic wreath.


1 ball of Stylecraft Ruffles, knitted up into a scarf (follow instructions on ballband).

Large sheet of sturdy cardboard

Assortment of baubles



Needle and thread


Strong cord or thread for hanging the wreath

Approximate Dimensions 30cm / 12 inches in diameter


Step 1

Step 1Trace a circle using a plate or similar (choose something with an appropriate outer dimension) onto a piece of cardboard. Sketch (or trace) a second circle outside the first one – this will be the width of the wreath (allow about 1″-1.5″/2.5-2.5cm).

Step 2

Step 2

Cut out the cardboard following the outer circle. You should end up with a circular piece of cardboard with a smaller circle drawn within it.

Step 3

Step 3

Using a pair of scissors, cut wedges from the centre point to the inner line. These should be fairly narrow as these will be folded. Larger wedges will distort the circular shape.

Step 4

Step 4

Fold each wedge back and wrap around the main wreath base. Tape each wedge securely into place. This will add a little more rigidity to the wreath – although be aware it will still be fairly flexible.


Step 5

Step 5

Anchor the scarf to the yarn attached in step 4 – secure it using the free length of yarn either with a sewing needle (or a crochet hook). Begin wrapping the scarf around the wreath.

Step 6

Step 6

After wrapping the full scarf around the wreath, secure the free end at the start point using the same yarn which anchors the beginning of the scarf. Tie / secure the anchor yarn into a loop or strand from which to hang the wreath.

Once the scarf is anchored in placed at start and finish, it is possible to shuffle the wraps to ensure that the cardboard is fully covered. For larger wreaths, more than one scarf will be required. Dimensions of this version will be provided in the next post.

The 2012 WIPs

I’m taking stock of my knitting. I have a habit of casting lots of things on, then setting them aside when I get distracted by the next shiny thing. Last Christmas I was in a similar sort of situation and I did make an effort and try and get several things finished properly.

So this year, I’m taking a similar approach. I have – much to my surprise – only 3 wips at the moment.

wip #1 – Kimono Wrap

Started January 2011

Incredibly dull to knit, hence the delay in actually getting anywhere with it. The stitch pattern is complicated enough that you have to pay attention but completely uninteresting so you get bored rather quickly with it. According to my notes – I started in early 2011 and picked it up again in November-December 2011, and again in March 2012. One sleeve is done and the second is started. The main body needs a back and left front panel and collar. Plus all the seaming. Fingers crossed this gets finished, as I do actually like the look of the knitted fabric. The bamboo tape has a lot of drape too which will work with this pattern even if it stretches considerably.

wip #2 – Skew

Started June 2011

Got one sock finished very quickly and just never got around to getting the other one done -oops!

wip #3 – Shipwreck Shawl

Started August 8 2012

The most recent wip and the one I’m least irritated by, given that it is 1500m of laceweight with several thousand beads attached. This one is going to take time. And while I’m up to the beaded section, knitting in the beads is not particularly interesting. So this one will probably get done in little bursts over a long period of time.


First snowfall of the Winter started earlier this evening. We’re expecting about an inch to fall tonight (if the forecasts can be trusted) and this has been preceded by a few days of frosty weather. 

The last few years have seen a couple of rather harsh spells of very wintery weather (in 2009 and 2010) respectively. 2011 was better – if damper – but we still had snow in early December.

I tend to take pictures of the weather from our front window usually around the time of the first snowfall, normally while it is still falling.


This was 2009, snows started on December 17th and we had a white Christmas, along with subzero temperatures reaching a low of approximately -12’C. The snows continued until the end of January. 

11.26; Friday 1

And 2010, this time the snow started November 26th after some very heavy fog and freezing temperatures earlier in the month. Lowest temperature was around -15’C and there was at least one day where it didn’t get above -7’C. We got another White Christmas, and again the snows and ice continued into January. 

DEC 4 2011 [3]

And finally 2011. This was December 4th. This was a much milder – and wetter – winter and this snow didn’t stick around. We still managed -7’C at one point though. 

I’ll try and get pictures in the morning – if it lasts that long.


It is hard to believe that December has already rolled around again. It doesn’t seem like 11 months have past since the last one.

I’m looking forward to the festive season – and have pretty much finished the Christmas shopping, I have a couple more things to get but those should be easy enough to pick up (I hope).

The last few days have been cold and frosty in Glasgow, we got down to -4’C according to the computer the other night. It was certainly looking the part out there… until it rained this evening.