Getting the right shot…

If you pay close attention to my pattern pages, you may have noticed that there are some new photographs appearing on the individual patterns.

Oculus, Hildasay Tam, Peeping Sheep Hat, Planetarium Wristwarmers and Voar Wristwarmers were updated in October, with the Laitis Cowl getting some new pictures in early November. The launch of Tesserae also saw this new (for me at least) approach to pattern photography.

I have to admit, I am envious of those designers who seem to pull off instantly classy and interesting looking shots of their work, and have always wanted to try and learn how to do that.

What this means in reality is that my very patient (and obliging) BF ends up taking many, many pictures of me inevitably pulling a strange face or messing up the shot in a completely unforeseen way… all in the hopes of getting one or two decent pictures. It doesn’t help that I much prefer to be on the other side of the camera lens.

What is also means is that the pair of us now get extremely strange looks from random passerbys and neighbours. And in the case of Tesserae, several buses full of tourists. Apparently waving shawls in front of derelict buildings is odd!


Most of the new pictures were taken in the National Museum of Scotland, whilst there were many confused individuals wandering past, the wierdest looks came when I was sitting on the floor hugging a meteorite in order to get a good backdrop for the Planetarium Wristwarmers!

Apparently I cannot count

I had planned a to complete a full month of blog posts for November in honour of not only NaBloPoMo but also Wovember!

However, some things have got in my way. Primarily my inability to schedule posts successfully. It is not 2015, nor is it January, February or March of 2015. When I’m scheduling posts, I really need to make sure I’m correcting the day not the month… Oops!

Rather than publish a glut of posts in one go, I’ll restart the month and act as though November started on the 3rd (so today is post #1) and continue through until December 3rd with the daily posts.


NaBloPoMo returns, which is always a good incentive for me to start blogging again!

So in terms of what is coming up over the next month, expect photoblogs, socks, event recaps, socks, new pattern launches, socks, future design projects, socks, the abomination known as moths, socks, darning (see the moths again)… And did I mention socks?

Also in shopping news, has everyone spotted the Indie Gift-a-long on Ravelry? I’ll be taking part this year, so a number of my patterns will be on sale later this month and I’ll also be contributing some pattern prizes too!