Pattern Preview

We’re counting down the days now to the Festival… so here is a quick reference guide to the patterns I’ll have available there!

Pattern Preview

I’ll have a mix of digital only, and paper-copy+digital, patterns available during the weekend. I will also have all the samples for these patterns at the show too!

All the paper copies (barring Arciform) come with digital codes. These codes are Ravelry compatible and can be used as a discount voucher via the Ravelry shopping basket within the site. There is a very useful blog post from Ravelry here, which explains how to use them.

Don’t use Ravelry? Use the web address on the coupon label (the page is here), and enter the code, you’ll be able to access the pattern. (If you are a Ravelry user, and choose to access your pattern this way, don’t worry, it is still possible to add the pattern to your library).

Pattern Availability

Paper-Copy+Digital or Digital: 72 Degrees North, Apollonie, Briochaubles, Brome, Buttons, Cluaran Tea Cosy, d’Antigny, Duplessis, Evremond, Flexure, Flightless, Flock Together, Geometrickery, Helicoidal, Hildasay Mittens, Hildasay Tam, I Talk With The Moon Tea Cosy, Inverse, Irregularity, La Barucci, La Lune Rousse, La Païva, Léonide, Luck of the Irish, Lundey Mittens, Lundey Tam, Megalos, Metrios, Mikros, Mogador, Notus, Oculus, Peeping Sheep, Planetarium, Puffling, Tesserae, Voar.

Paper-Copy Only: Arciform.

Digital Only: Breacan, Kentigern, Laities, Riverscape, Sanu.

Collections are available as Digital downloads, this includes:

  • Courtesans: Apollonie, d’Antigny, Duplessis, La Barucci, La Lune Rousse, La Païva, Léonide, Mogador.
  • Hildasay Collection: Hildasay Mittens and Tam.
  • Puffinries: Lundey Mittens and Tam, and Puffling.
  • Trio Collection: Megalos, Metros, Mikros.


One very busy summer

I honestly have no idea how it is August already. Five minutes ago it was May. Where has the summer gone? Actually a better question would be where the summer weather has gone. I’ve never needed so many woolly items during the summer months before.

But weather aside, it has been one of those ridiculously busy summers. I’m still reeling at the moment, but things are starting (I say starting, I’m wary of something popping up unexpectedly) to come back under control. I can breathe! Finally!

So, in terms of non-knitty stuff, I’m still at University and about 3.5 weeks away from submitting the dissertation. Things have gone well with it, and the research and data gathering elements are pretty much done and I’m now on the writing up stage. All is going smoothly at the moment, and fingers crossed that it stays that way! Unfortunately, this has taken a lot more time than I perhaps anticipated (you’d think having done this kind of stuff of before I’d have been prepared for this, but never mind) and when combined with other things means that I’ve neglected the social media side of things.

In knitty news, things have also been exceedingly busy. Between Uni work and knitty work I don’t really feel like I’ve had much time off. However, the last of the commissions (of four… I think? Or was it five? I lost count… I think it is five) was sent off on Friday and I can fall over (at least on the knitting side of things for a little bit).

I cannot say much on most of the commissions but I’ll post more about them when I can. I think the first preview is coming up on August 12th, and I’ll share the links when I get them. One of them is now out (Notus) and I’ll be posting on that later this week. There have been some re-releases to discuss too. The Luck of the Irish Socks from the Three Irish Girls Sock Club is now available for individual purchase, and I’ll be adding a post on those too.

That was a very brief round-up but I’ll be posting more during August on the aforementioned patterns, and some upcoming self-published patterns coming out soon.

Pattern | Cluaran Tea Cosy

Cluaran Tea Cosy
Cluaran Tea Cosy

The Cluaran Tea Cosy was released in October last year, following on from the Design Competition for the Glasgow School of Yarn. (The theme was Homecoming in Scotland, can you tell?)

It uses my perennial favourite – Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumperweight; using three shades (although you can get a great effect using just two – more on that in a future post). The pattern comes in four basic sizes, with additional guidance for customising the fit for your own tea pot. The slits for the spout and handle are steeked and finished with an i-cord bind-off. And the best bit in my opinion? The wee thistle tassel at the top!

Full pattern information can be found here.

Notes: Cluaran = Thistle.

The Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl!

Last Saturday was the inaugural Indie Burgh Yarn Crawl, held here in Edinburgh and organised by Ginger Twist Studio in collaboration with Kathy’s Knits and Be Inspired Fibres.

Manic is probably the best way to describe it!

I was helping out, so I didn’t get to all the shops, but I did manage to pop in to Kathy’s and get yet another ball of Jamieson and Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight (I have a self-confessed J&S addiction). I also ran into a couple of the groups being led by friends from my usual Monday night knitting group, who all seemed to be having a good time and were already heavily laden with yarn – despite this being their first stop of the day!

I headed off to Ginger Twist after that, which was a very pleasant stroll in the sunshine – couldn’t have picked a better day for it weather wise! At this point, GTS was still quiet (compared to crowds later on) and I managed to get one of the very fabulous, limited edition Sheepish Sock in the Indie Burgh colourway which Jess had handdyed specially for the day. I had promised myself that if a skein of this was there I could treat myself… and I did. I also got to meet Susan Crawford who was setting up her trunk show and ended up getting a pattern for a sweater and a hat kit – called A Day at the Races (which seems to be so new that the pattern isn’t in the Ravelry database yet).

From here I headed off to the Safari Lounge and grabbed a quick lunch before preparing things for the impending arrival of many, many weary and shopped out knitters and crocheters. I don’t think I really got to stop once people started arriving. We filled the back room which was reserved for us, to the point where crafters were quietly taking over the rest the pub. I think at one point there may have been another 3 – 4 tables worth of people who couldn’t fit in the back room. It was lovely meeting everyone, and all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their day. It was wonderful to see the crowd of people all happily knitting and chatting.

Although I was exhausted at the end of the day (I have no idea how Jess, Kathy and Lucy were still able to keep going after being in busy shops all day), it was well worth it. Can’t wait for the next one!


You can also find images and comments from the day on twitter – under the hashtag #IBYC including quite a few pictures! Karie Bookish over on Fourth Edition has written a round-up post too. And there is now a thread on any blogposts related to the day on Ravelry, which can be found here.

Yarn Shop Day 2014

Typically, with my impeccable timing I’ve managed to ensure that I’m out of the country for this.

But, fear not! The fab folks over at The Yarn Cake currently have a few of my knitted samples and a whole heap of patterns for you to enjoy on May 3rd, plus the wonderful company of OwlPrintPanda and WalkYouHome (and their designs and patterns). More info on their celebrations, including their 10% discount offer on the day!

As you can see from the windows, the samples of Oculus, the Hildasay Tam and the Kentigern Blanket will be there. And printed versions (these include codes so you can add digital copies to your Ravelry library too) of:

  • The Kentigern Blanket
  • Flightless Shawl
  • Laitis Cowl
  • Hildasay Mittens
  • Hildasay Tam
  • Hildasay Collection (Tam & Mittens in one bundle)
  • Sanu Hat
  • Riverscape Socks
  • Voar Wristwarmers
  • Oculus Hat
  • *NEW* I Talk With The Moon Tea Cosy


Wholesale Now Available

Interested in some of my pattern but prefer to buy hard copies? I am now selling a selection of my patterns at Kathy’s Knits in Broughton Street, Edinburgh!

Currently available are my patterns using Jamison and Smith yarns: the Oculus Hat, Hildasay Tam and Mittens (as a set) and the Kentigern Blanket are the current range.

And for the next few weeks, the original Kentigern Blanket is on display in the shop!


If you are a yarn store or other retailer who would be interested in any of patterns – please see this page for wholesale information!

Resolutions 2013

I’m not one for making resolutions, or to be more honest I like the idea of them, just not the actual practice of carrying them out. Last January I posted on one of the stash down forums on Ravelry which was discussing the idea of 12 12’s in 2012.

These were the aims:

  1. 12 Sweaters, Cardigans, Tops
  2. 12 Socks (6 pairs)
  3. 12 Mittens, Gloves (6 Pairs)
  4. 12 WIPs or Queue Items
  5. 12 Favourites
  6. 12 Scarves, Cowls, Shawls
  7. 12 Hexipuffs per month (12 x 12)
  8. 12 Techniques (New and Previously Used)
  9. 12 Seasonal Decorations
  10. 12 Wildcards
  11. 12,000 Yards Knitted
  12. 12 Months Keeping my Knitting Stuff Organised

I think I can safely say that all of these probably didn’t happen. I need to actually review what I knitted last year and match it up to the list – I’ll post on that later. But really – it won’t have happened. Some categories will be complete, others will be half done, some will not be done at all and others will probably have been forgotten. Although with my memory for these things, I may surprise myself.

So this year I’m considering things a little differently. Less limitations, more flexibility and no categories.

So for 2013:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Knit from stash where possible – Although I’m allowing additional purchases if necessary to the project, or if something else specific shows up, i.e. where I see something I *have* to knit and just buy the yarn for that.
  3. Get the stash (yarn and fibre) down to a comfortable level – I have no idea what that level is, just that I’m not there at the moment.
  4. Try and knit from patterns already purchased (or free!) – My Ravelry library is extensive, and I’ve been lucky with the free pattern codes this holiday, I have no excuse.
  5. Spin more – Far easier now I have the wheel. 
  6. Knit with the handspun from resolution #5 – Should be made easier if I have an idea of what I’m knitting and what is needed – see #4.
  7. Try and design more patterns – I have many ideas, I just need to get on with it. 
  8. Try and actually publish my own patterns – see notes accompanying #7.
  9. Stay organised – in terms of stash, equipments, notes etc – Should be straightforward, my office is better organsing and I like sorting things. 
  10. Try and take better photographs – More on this later.
  11. Keep blogging – Speaks for itself really…

I think this should work; I’m already working on #1…