Ravellenics 2014

The Ravellenics began this year on February 7th, and will run until the 23rd. I am joining in this year, for the first time actually. I was uncertain about whether to join or not. There is a significant amount of controversy behind the¬†actual games this year. This post from the Old Maiden Aunt blog and this post on Ravelry (you’ll need to be logged in to see the Ravelry on) express the issues far more eloquently than I could.

I’m delighted to see the rainbows (and other appropriate colour combinations) popping up all over Ravelry. I had originally planned to work on a large rainbow blanket which I started last year, but with being abroad at the start of the games it wasn’t exactly practical.

Instead I’ve opted for a few smaller projects. I took some sock yarn abroad with me, and now have a very vividly coloured pair of socks on the needles (the first is done, I need to get working on the second). And I’m hoping to finish off two shawls – the first is the Ysolda¬†Follow your Arrow KAL and the second is a gargantuan laceweight-held-double tri-colour garterstitch assymetric wrap-thing that I appear to be making up as I go along. I had orignally planned to write up a pattern for the latter, but it seems to be taking on a life of its own. I can always try and reverse-engineer it when it is done.