Plotting 2013: Knits for 2013 and Beyond

Continuing on from Resolutions 2013 – #1 was planning ahead but this ties in several other categories as well (I could repeat them all but that would be… well… repetitive – needless to say, many are covered).

Anyway. This meant that I spent New Year’s Eve reorganising my Queue on Ravelry. I know, the excitement but A. I’m not one for NYE normally, and B. I was ill. Which meant I was tucked up in bed early. So organising knitting patterns and stash while Flash Gordon was about as exciting as it was going to get.

Irrespective of these facts, I found it extremely useful to evaluate exactly what I had; in terms of stash, pre-bought / free patterns and design ideas.

The result, a neatly organised (and colour coded) pile of A4 paper detailing stash and appropriate patterns or design ideas. Those with patterns have all been queued on Ravelry which should make things easier when working out what I have got left in the stash without possible knitting patterns. Those yarns for my own designs have been listed in the handwritten notes – which at this moment in time are somewhere in my sofa fort (I’ll find them later – and store them somewhere safer).

Some patterns I’ll need to buy, some projects will need additional yarn bought, some will handspun yarn spun specifically to the weight / yardage required. The plan is there. There is no way it all be done in 2013, or 2014 for that matter (or beyond that to be honest). At least I have the right intention.


I’ll post more on the 2013 plotting later… mainly concerning one newly published volume of knitting patterns and a pile of handspun…

Resolutions 2013

I’m not one for making resolutions, or to be more honest I like the idea of them, just not the actual practice of carrying them out. Last January I posted on one of the stash down forums on Ravelry which was discussing the idea of 12 12’s in 2012.

These were the aims:

  1. 12 Sweaters, Cardigans, Tops
  2. 12 Socks (6 pairs)
  3. 12 Mittens, Gloves (6 Pairs)
  4. 12 WIPs or Queue Items
  5. 12 Favourites
  6. 12 Scarves, Cowls, Shawls
  7. 12 Hexipuffs per month (12 x 12)
  8. 12 Techniques (New and Previously Used)
  9. 12 Seasonal Decorations
  10. 12 Wildcards
  11. 12,000 Yards Knitted
  12. 12 Months Keeping my Knitting Stuff Organised

I think I can safely say that all of these probably didn’t happen. I need to actually review what I knitted last year and match it up to the list – I’ll post on that later. But really – it won’t have happened. Some categories will be complete, others will be half done, some will not be done at all and others will probably have been forgotten. Although with my memory for these things, I may surprise myself.

So this year I’m considering things a little differently. Less limitations, more flexibility and no categories.

So for 2013:

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Knit from stash where possible – Although I’m allowing additional purchases if necessary to the project, or if something else specific shows up, i.e. where I see something I *have* to knit and just buy the yarn for that.
  3. Get the stash (yarn and fibre) down to a comfortable level – I have no idea what that level is, just that I’m not there at the moment.
  4. Try and knit from patterns already purchased (or free!) – My Ravelry library is extensive, and I’ve been lucky with the free pattern codes this holiday, I have no excuse.
  5. Spin more – Far easier now I have the wheel. 
  6. Knit with the handspun from resolution #5 – Should be made easier if I have an idea of what I’m knitting and what is needed – see #4.
  7. Try and design more patterns – I have many ideas, I just need to get on with it. 
  8. Try and actually publish my own patterns – see notes accompanying #7.
  9. Stay organised – in terms of stash, equipments, notes etc – Should be straightforward, my office is better organsing and I like sorting things. 
  10. Try and take better photographs – More on this later.
  11. Keep blogging – Speaks for itself really…

I think this should work; I’m already working on #1…