The Icelandic Collection

 Blended Roving, inspired by the colours of Iceland

The fibre is a blended roving, with a base of 50% Merino combined with other fibres. The colour ways are repeatable, and can be custom-ordered.

Currently the first three shades are available, and will be debuted at Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016. (Please note, limited quantities of these shades will be available).

The roving is £11 per 100g (see below for shipping information).

Nootka: Merino, Shetland and Soybean. The colour way is inspired by the purple hues of the Icelandic Lupin seen during the warmer months.

Gulfoss: Merino, Corriedale and Tussah Silk. A winter-inspired one, the waterfalls at Gulfoss partially freeze during the colder seasons and the ice takes on different hues – including some lovely turquoise shades.

Hekla: Merino, Shetland and Bamboo. One of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, the deep red of this colour way picks up on one of the shades associated with volcanic eruptions.

The collection is under development and new shades (Grindavik, Grásteinn, Hearn and Aegir) will be introduced throughout 2016.

Ordering, Payment & Shipping

The online shop is under development. At present, if you wish to order fibre please contact me at for more information, orders currently take 2-3 weeks before dispatch.

Invoices must be paid in full, including shipping fees before order will be dispatched. Payment is via PayPal only. Parcels will be sent via Royal Mail; shipping costs are determined by weight, size and destination (See Royal Mail Price Finder for estimates of shipping costs and available options). Tracking / alternative courier services may incur additional fees.