Icelandic Adventures I – Or How I ended up in Iceland in February


Basically neither me or my mum should be trusted when the phrase ‘fancy going somewhere on holiday’.

Originally J and I had discussed perhaps going across to Amsterdam at the end of January, but due to work commitments this idea had to be scrapped. However, this had put the travel bug in my head.

So on January 17th, at just after 7pm I sent the following text to Mum:

So… fancy going to Copenhagen or somewhere similarly random soonish…?

Given that mum has a fairly similar approach to opportunities to travel, her response as positive. So a few days later we started discussing options. We’ve travelled in the Mediterranean over the last few years a fair bit, so Northern Europe seemed the more intriguing choice.

Copenhagen was deemed interesting but not what we were looking for on this occasion. Then Reykjavik was mentioned. A wee bit of investigation confirmed that this looked pretty cool with and awful lot of things we fancied seeing. Which is how a 2-3 night city break turned into a week-long holiday.

A couple more days and it was book. A fortnight later we set out for Glasgow and our Icelandicair flights northwards!

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