Icelandic Adventures IV – Whales!

We were both lucky and unlucky with this. Our first tour – we saw nothing – 3 hours on a boat in the damp and cold in the North Atlantic in early February. However, since nothing was seen (bar the fin of a Harbour Porpoise), free repeat trip vouchers were provided. So we got a second attempt, and what an attempt!

We hadn’t actually left the harbour (in fact we were still in the middle of a safety briefing) when a pod of Killer Whales appeared directly before us.

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With at least 8 individuals (more likely 9-10, but they were had to count!), including a full grown male, adult females, juveniles and an infant! We followed the pod for at least 2 1/2 hours.

Very, very lucky indeed!

Whale Watching, Reykjavik 2014 from Aphaia on Vimeo.


Apologies for the audio on this, it was windy and everyone on board was a touch excited!


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