24 Hours On…

So one day has passed since I launched the Kentigern Blanket pattern. And I may or may not have stalked it slightly obsessively on Ravelry ever since.

It was a wonderful feeling to see it be favourited for the first time, and then queued by someone. And then someone purchased it! That made me inordinately happy.

After a couple of very rough weeks (which followed on from several rough months), this has been a much needed (and very appreciated) boost.

Since that point, some more people have purchased it, many more have favourited it (total is now 110!) and 22 people have queued the pattern. There have been some lovely comments on the forums too.

So to those of you who have seen the pattern* – favourited it, queued it, bought it, or even just said something nice about it – Thank You!

* If you haven’t seen it yet… click here!

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