#30dayknitchallenge Day 3

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Also on the needles are:

  • Shipwreck Shawl: A long term project! I started this last August, the central lace section is all knitted. There are some errors in the lace panel, but I’ve done them consistently over the whole round so it works out – I’m comfortable with leaving them as is. I’m currently on the beading stages and am still on the first needle size with the beads. Not the most scintillating of sections to knit! Fingers crossed I’ll get it done this year. I have 1500m of the Fyberspates Tia Lace which I’m working up the pattern in, not sure how much I’ll use / need. So the current plan is to stop knitting when it looks the right size.


  • Flightless 2.1: This is the shawl I’m currently having test knit. I knitted the original last year, revised the pattern and reknit it in January and am now knitting up another one for my Mum. I’m using Old Maiden Aunt Shetland Lace Cobweb which I navajo-plied to get a really squishy fingering weight. The colourway is gorgeous, a really rich purple with some subtle variation. (No pictures yet!)
  • Kimono Wrap Cardigan: The old ‘oh-dear-god-I don’t-want-to-knit-this’ WIP. I started this back in January 2011. From an update on the project page in November that year – “have remembered why this project was hibernating for so long. The stitch pattern, while easy to remember requires a bit of concentration but isn’t interesting enough to really hold your attention.” I last knitted on this in March 2012, according to my notes I have 5 1/2 balls left of the yarn out of the original 14. I still need to finish the second sleeve, add extra length to the first sleeve, knit the back, left front and collar. And then it will be done. Maybe 2013 will be the year this finally gets finished…

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