Bracing Myself

Tomorrow, the plan is to start organising my office (a.k.a. the spare bedroom, store cupboard, general dumping ground… you get the picture). The whole room needs gutting. And there is much to throw out and recycle – things need to go. On one level I’m dreading it, but I cannot wait to get a room I can actually use properly.

Ideally I’d like…

  1. To have a desk I can actually use.
  2. To have all my stationery and knitting / sewing bits and pieces sorted.
  3. To have my sewing machine set up somewhere I can actually use it.
  4. To have a comfy sitting area on the bed (I’m anticipating lots of sewn and knitted cushions – I just need to actually make them).
  5. All my books, both academic and knitting organised.
  6. To get all the duplicate papers and articles removed.
  7. To make sure everything I can digitize is digitized.
  8. To get all my yarn and fibre stash neatly stored in this room.
  9. To clear the debacle which is under the desk… and the bed… and the chair. Pretty much the entire floor area.

That is it for starters… so just a little work to do.

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