Cutting the Last Tie

I’m writing this on my way back from Glasgow (I would post it too but the ‘free wifi’ isn’t cooperating…by which I mean it isn’t working – at all).

But this is the big thing – I’ve just been returning the keys to our old apartment. Scary stuff! Kind of hard to believe that everything is done. Yes there are a couple of phone calls to make, and our deposit to get back – but the big things? Those are all done.

It was quite strange being back in way. The apartment is completely restored to its original state, although actually it is in a better state than when wee moved in – given that we actually cleaned it before we moved out. And to be blunt, it looks odd, so empty and dare I say soulless, though that may have more to do with the furnishings than anything else. Let’s just say we don’t miss the purple velour curtains, or the weird and slightly uncomfortable purple/gray/odd colour sofa. Or the assortment of random decorative items (dead leaf on a picture holder anyone?) Or the truly dreadful collection of assorted crockery and kitchen items, none of which matched each other. Or the kitchen curtains. I can well understand why we packed all the ‘furnishings’ up as soon as we moved in and hid them under the beds. So to see it restored to that original state (albeit cleaner) is going to be odd.

Curiously the new flat, despite being slightly smaller has far better use of space, with much better storage and thankfully fewer furnishings which needed to be hidden away. We’ve made it ours surprisingly quickly.

So I’m sitting on the train leaving Glasgow, but with the sense that I’m home. To Edinburgh. Still sounds odd when I say that.

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