First Steps

The GSoY design competition was my first real foray into knitting design. By which I mean, actually sitting down, drafting a pattern, charts, determining yarn, needle size… all of that kind of thing. I’ve made up patterns before – like hats for J, or scarves. And I’ve modified existing patterns to get a better fit or for the project to match what I want it to be.

But actually designing something properly was new.

However, the procedure wasn’t as complicated as I feared it may be. I’m a very practical and visually creative person. I have difficulty though in working out the steps in between imagining something and making it. That isn’t to say I cannot work out how to make it. It is that I can visualise it and make, yet fail to work out how I got from A to B. So slowing down and taking notes as to how I was doing something is rather alien.

The design competition has encouraged me to start developing my own patterns more frequently though… which now explains why my living room is covered in tiny swatches of lace edging.

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