FO: Hemlock Ring Shawl

I loved this blanket pattern when I first saw it but figured I would get more use from a shawl. I originally tried to knit this up in Cobweb Lace – never again… some of my feather and fan sections had 35 stitches, others had 87 – there should have been 56. Just didn’t work. So it was frogged and the pattern put on the backburner.

I’d started knitting up a top in this yarn (Rowan RYC Bamboo Soft) but the drape was wrong and the distortion was already visible. Bamboo has a habit of stretching. So I figured that a pattern which was meant to be blocked and stretched would work better – hence the decision to knit a shawl. Then I remembered this pattern.


I actually finished this several days ago, I was just waiting for it to finish blocking. I’m really pleased with it. I ended up just doing a basic cast off rather than the knitted or crocheted options included with the pattern. It is just a nice size to wrap around my neck too.

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