GSoY 2012: Classes

I signed up to two classes this year: Silk Spinning and Tunisian Crochet.

I blame the first for going mad with the shopping and buying all the silk fibre I could find. The image linked to this post is my first bit of silk spinning -105m of fingering weight Tussah Silk. It is extremely addictive. And also extremely easy to tangle – which I did, repeatedly, when I was trying to ply it. And also when I tried to wind it into a yarn cake. But it is mine and soft and shiny and smooshy. Can you tell I’m proud of it?

The Tunisian Crochet class was brave on my part. While I have learnt to crochet this year. Me and hooks are an interesting combination. I once managed to fire a crochet hook across the room while trying to do a crochet bind off on a knitted shawl. I have no idea how I managed this. The class went quite well, I learnt a couple of basic stitches and succeeded in not throwing the crochet hook around the room. One problem… everyone was complaining that their swatches weren’t particularly tidy or square. They hadn’t seen mine. Mum took the class too and also made this complaint. This is her swatch – not bad really?

This is mine… the random decrease in stitches… not intended.

So yeah… maybe I should rent out my crochet skills to make other people feel better about theirs.

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