GSoY 2012: Yarn! Fibre! Shinies!

A big part of the School of Yarn is of course the marketplace. So many independent dyers and sewers… so many lovely products! While I was planning on getting some bits and pieces, I didn’t want to go too crazy (I swear that putting a bunch of fibre nutters in the same room equals trouble). So I did plan a bit before hand.

With a bit of assistance (thanks Mum!), and a long poke around my existing stash and my favourites list on Ravelry, I opted to try to get yarn to knit up a Colour Affection shawl.  Mum also wanted to get some yarn too and chose a crocheted version of the same shawl. I had some suitable lace weight yarns in my stash – so the aim was to use these as one of the three colours needed.

Enter the swatch card.

Slightly obsessive, but well worth it. It meant I could work out exactly what I needed (and more importantly match the already existing stash).

So off I set, swatch card in hand – found what I needed for the shawl and then restraint got… well thrown out the window. I learnt to spin with a drop spindle earlier this year… and well, fibre is a dangerous area. I did get a lot of pretties though! Yarns from The Yarn Cake, The Yarn Yard and Old Maiden Aunt, as well as fibre from HillTopCloud.


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