Korknisse: The Cork Army Assembles

Well, the Korknisse went down extremely well with my Aunt, who reacted surprisingly well at finding five little cork gnomes strewn around her living room. We managed to get one in the fireplace, one on top of the T.V., one sitting by a vase of flowers, one on a side table and best of all, one sitting atop a picture frame. She really liked the idea of having them at the wake.

What made it funnier was that my cousin (the one who had permitted me to take the corks if she could have a couple) spent 15 minutes with a gnome sitting by her head without noticing it, nor noticing the fact that the three of us (me, Mum and Aunt) were trying desparately not to crack up.

So the gnomes will be going, and we’ll encourage people to take them home – they can be used for Christmas decorations – and we hope that when they see them, they’ll provide a smile and a memory of my Grandpa.

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