Lopapeysa – Part 2

After checking for guidance online, I washed the three Lopapeysa. All I can say is that I am glad I did, and secondly, that Soak is a wonderful, wonderful invention.

I ended up filling the bath with tepid water and soak. I left them in for about 30 minutes to start with – once I’d persuaded them that they did not want to float. The water came off brown.* Ew! So fresh water, more Soak and another 20 minutes and the water was thankfully much cleaner looking.

Next problem – how to get the water out. These things get ridiculously heavy when wet and I didn’t want to stretch or felt them. So I ended up squishing most of the water out in the bath. Transferred them to a pile of towels and dragged them across the floor (too heavy to carry plus too many drips) to the kitchen. Put each one in a pillowcase and used the spin option on the Wool cycle to get rid of the rest of the water. That took two goes. But at least they weren’t in danger of causing flooding in my spare room.

A little bit of arrangement around the existing furniture and they are all laid out flat drying. When they get to a safe drying point, I’ll hang them up and let them dry that way so they don’t spend too much time damp.

Fingers crossed they’ll be dry by the weekend and I can wear mine. And most importantly they smell better.

*Actually brown. But then when chatting to Mum we figured that these things are around 35-40 years old. So maybe brown is only to be expected.

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