Lopapeysa – Part 3

Before I washed the Lopapeysa yesterday, I spent a bit of time studying the yokes and hem/cuff motifs. And I think I have indeed suceeded in reverse engineering the patterns (including the decreases). There are three different yoke designs, and three matching hem/cuff charts.

I’ll need to check these over and get proper pictures of the originals, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll release these as charts for purchase via Ravelry.

This means I had to think of a name to list these under on Ravelry. Since they are Icelandic in design, construction and materials, an Icelandic name seemed like the most appropriate option. I love the names of the Icelandic volcanoes but most of the best ones are taken already on Ravelry and since there were three separate versions to include within the charts it seemed more sensible to choose a name which indicated the fact that there is more that one. So Reykjanesskagi it is. The name refers to a south-west penninsula on Iceland, as well as being the name of volcanic system.

The region is also known as Reykjanes, for more information on the area, click here.

Image from here

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