Earlier this year, my Mum (with permission of the family) brought the not insignificant remains of my Grandmother’s knitting yarns up to me. Sorting through it all, we were both struck by some bulky, lightly spun singles which my Mum identified as being Icelandic. Further to this identification, it was remembered that my Grandmother had knitted Icelandic-style sweaters for herself, her husband, both daughters and both sons-in-law. Mum remembers her sweater as being in the bluer shades whereas the males in the family got ones in more neutral tones. These predate my existence. I have no memory of them. Nor did we seem to have any pictures.

Until now.

When clearing my Grandfather’s house, we uncovered various bits and pieces that my Grandmother had knitted. A little pale blue hat went home with my Cousin. We also found a number of shawls, all in pristine condition – although the decision was made to donate these to goodwill so that others may find pleasure in them. However, the best came home with me. Not one, but three Icelandic sweaters. All knit in the yarns that we had uncovered in the remains of the stash.

Two appear to have been knitted with women in mind, the third is definitely man-sized.

This the man-sized one, a lovely cream, green and brown number – which happens to fit the boyfriend quite nicely. There is a mark on one sleeve which may need reknitting with replacement yarn (which I have) but I’ll wash it first and see if the mark comes out.

This is the larger of the two female sweaters – and this fits me (in an oversized fashion) – not perhaps the most flattering but it is cosy and it will be worn.

The last is extremely small but I think with a little steeking (and a button band) it will make a nice little fitted open cardigan.

It is lovely to have something that my Grandmother knitted, but even better to have something that she knitted that can be worn, used and loved.

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