Office Organisation – Day 1

Well there is definitely an improvement, and quite a bit of horror.

That is between 6-7 hours of work to get it to that state (and what you cannot see in this picture is the double bed full of stuff which still needs sorting). The real horror comes from the seven and half black bags of rubbish and recycling (and the dead printer) which had to be removed. Why on earth do I keep so much?

Taking the positive from this: I’m now seven and half bags of stuff lighter, the printer is relocated, the desk is organised, my sewing machine fits on my desk and the area under the bed which is usable* now has space to store my fibre and yarn stash.

So looking at the list I drew up yesterday…

  1. To have a desk I can actually use. Done 20/11. It will be revised a bit over the next week or so, but it is useable!
  2. To have all my stationery and knitting / sewing bits and pieces sortedIn progress 20/11.
  3. To have my sewing machine set up somewhere I can actually use it. Done!
  4. To have a comfy sitting area on the bed (I’m anticipating lots of sewn and knitted cushions – I just need to actually make them).
  5. All my books, both academic and knitting organised.
  6. To get all the duplicate papers and articles removed.
  7. To make sure everything I can digitize is digitized.
  8. To get all my yarn and fibre stash neatly stored in this room.
  9. To clear the debacle which is under the desk… and the bed… and the chair. Pretty much the entire floor area. The bed and desk are done 20/11!

Quite a few things can be crossed off, which makes me happy.

Tomorrow the yarn stash gets sorted, and I start tackling the debris on the bed.

*Rather than the vast majority of the space under the bed which is being used to store all those random and peculiar items deemed necessary and appropriate for a ‘furnished’ apartment to have, but which have no earthly use other than taking up space. 

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