One Week On…

So a week on from the pattern launch of The Kentigern Blanket, it seems like a good moment for reflection – although that may be the whisky talking.

It has been a busy week, I’ve re-started work in a yarn shop and it has been wonderful to keep an eye on the pattern on Ravelry.

The blanket made it up to #32 on the ‘Hot Right Now’ feature of the pattern page on Ravelry. Which means it was on page 1 of all the patterns on the site for a little while. That may not seem like much, but given that there are 326, 944 patterns on the site (as of 24/11/2012 @ 23.59) – #32 is pretty darn good. Add in the fact that it now has 177 favourites (the original project has 25) and it is in 27 queues. In my opinion, it goes from good to impressive. Even more so considering it is my first ‘real’ (by which I mean ‘paid’) pattern.

What is even more exciting is that tonight the fifth pattern sold. It is truly wonderful to see something that I created make its way out into the world. And I do mean world – or at least bits of it. Those people who queued the pattern appear to come from across the globe – North America, Asia and Australasia… it is just so unbelievable in a way.

So thank you.

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