Three Generations

Given the current circumstances, November is a month of reflection and memories. Some good, some bad. Both my Father (many years ago) and, last week, my Grandpa passed away this month. November is not a happy month.

But life goes on. My Grandma knitted (and crocheted, I think) and when she died she left her stash and many knitted items at the house she shared with my Grandpa.

This year, whilst renovations were being undertaken at their house so that it was safe for Grandpa to actually continue living in it (and not run the risk of electrocution or gas leakage), the stash was rediscovered.

Many, many bags of oddments and full balls of various Acrylic and Wool blends, including some lovely chunky single ply yarns (which my Mum identified as Iceland Lopi), and big cones of mohair, and everything in between.

But what to do with it?

At the time I was actively knitting up all of my leftover and un-needed yarns into hexipuffs for an epic quilted blanket. It seemed the obvious choice.

The stash was sorted, some colours were set aside for a second version of the same project (one using warm shades), those yarns with sufficient quantities for individual projects were also separated out. The rest, all cool shades, ended up in this first quilt.

Both me and Mum knitted and crocheted hexipuffs… and then I spent 3 days sewing them all together (badly as it turns out, I’ll need to resew it), into this.

Three generations in one blanket: Grandma’s stash, Mum’s crocheting, my knitting. 406 hexipuffs (and counting!). One epic blanket.

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